About us

Our Story

Our story is based on love, friendship & family and the wish to share our love of good Italian food with you all. It all started when we came up with the idea of opening a different kind of food outlet with high quality restaurant style food but in a takeaway format. This gives our customers the opportunity to experience authentic Italian food in their own homes and they can invite friends and family to share this eating experience as we do in Italy.
Pepe Verde is owned, managed and operated by native Italians. Our Pizza is Sardinian style, which is famous for its super thin crust with a generous layer of San Marzano tomato sauce, creamy Mozzarella and the finest range of toppings - most of them are imported directly from ITALY.
Our Italian Chefs cook only from authentic recipes and use the freshest ingredients. Everything is homemade daily to ensure that all our dishes are fresh and packed with flavour. On our menu, you can find many classic Italian dishes loved by all and also new creations developed by our team.
We wish to thank you all for sharing this wonderful journey with us so far and we look forward to sharing many more memories with you...
Grazie a tutti
Emanuele & Alessandra